Castle Caldwell

Clifton Caldwell, a local merchant, had recently purchased a small castle, located a few miles away from Port Drambath. The building had once been a military fort that had been built up into a castle. The castle had not been occupied for some time and had fallen into disarray. Clifton had purchased the castle for a ridiculously high price, since he had always wanted to own one. However, he was being given cryptic messages to leave the castle alone shortly after purchase. Clifton was scared for his life, and wanted a group of adventurers to see if the Castle was truly empty.

A group of adventurers went to explore the castle on Caldwell's behalf. After defeating several strangely garbed guards they came upon a goblin cowering in a room. The goblin gave up that a human had hired him along with some others to hold this castle for him. Upon finding the man who hired the goblins they learned he was part of The Veiled Society. After being turned down on his offer for them to join him he fled to the basement. Locking the door behind him he loosed several of his undead servants on the adventurers.

Once the undead were defeated the party stumbled across several tied up elves. The leader of the elves claimed to be from house Willowleaf and was captured by the society. They escorted the elves back to Port Drambath and returned to Cadwell. Unable to find a way into the basement the adventurers told Cadwell the evils had been driven out. Cadwell paid them 500 gold pieces each and went to prepare for his journey to his new home. The adventurers have not seen him since.

Rewards: 1113 XP for all party members (Artias, Camellia, Candace Hart. 500 gold pieces to each character plus the gems and other valuables found

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