Bricks Boats And Branches


Fred/Klee got on a boat, and fought some swarms along with Arch. Klee animated a lantern that was attracting them, and later on the PCs figured out that a stowaway (a nerdy scholar of plants) had stashed it on the mast. He had been a victim of the recent riots of the Port, and had lost his home. So he had eagerly taken the money to rebuild it and help his family, despite being afraid of the robed man who gave it to him.

The PCs arrived on the island, Tyll figured out a trail and dire animals attacking the previous expedition. Fred almost fell into a pit. Klee used the door of the pit to fight off dinosaurs, and the party surged on.

The PCs decided on the path of good for some ditzy murdering dryads of humans invading their area. After a long long chat with them, they were convinced to leave and they allowed them to the secret entrance to the druidess who was causing all the mayhem.

Some more encounters occured until they also figured out that the druidesss they captured below was working for the Veiled. The PCs fought 2 redcaps, and also captured a ranger husband/wife pair.

2-16-2010 (5 pm CST, -6 GMT) end:
Players: Tyll, Klee, Fred, Zil, Arch, Tegan

Conclusion xp:
850 xp for lvl 1 to 3 chars
766 xp for lvl 4 chars

Conclusions text:
After Tyll enscrolled the evil druid, she did agree to help out the loggers figure out a nice spot, even guiding them to a new portion of the island not filled with fey, though the lumber here is a little more difficult to obtain, along with the Council angry at the peaceful resolution. The PCs do get paid half the amount from the council, but Granny, grateful you kept her apprentice alive, adds to the reward.

Conclusion gold awards + items:
Masterwork Studded Leather x2
Composite Longbow (Str +2) x2, 34 arrows
Feycraft shortsword x2 (1810 gp each)
Amulet of wisdom +2 (4000 gp)
Steadfast Boots (1400 gp) +4 vs bullrush, overrun, trip, and always readied for charge with 2 handeded weapon.
Healing belt x2 (750 gp each)
Redcap tooth x2(1000 gp each)
Various mundane items equaling 180 gp in sell value

14,576 net profit from this adventure
6 adventurers
2429.33 gold per person, not including pay from NPCs

250 gp from Council to each PC
500 gp from Granny to each PC

Action Points: We will be using Eberron Style action points as awards in my pickup games.

They let you do the following:
1. Add 1d6 to a d20 roll. This can be done before or after the roll, but not before the result is posted.
2. Use a class ability one more time, for example, wildshape, rage, bardsong, etc.
3. Stabilize yourself automatically.

How they are awarded:
1. Good roleplaying or interaction with the group.
2. Making the GM laugh with an IC or OOC comment, or the group laugh.
3. Doing something heroic (yes, I'm biased to good characters, or evil characters trying to redeem themselves).
4. Doing something that adds to the storyline, or keeps group cohesiveness going. (I always think of dnd as a 'group' game, not I go off solo and attack the darkness).

-The game will revolve around the town needing raw materials for rebuilding. Specifically, a ship has been chartered and needs adventurers to protect it on the way to the island where many trees and stone suitable for building are. The problem is that any ship recently sent there has been attacked or haven't returned… Now you the heroes of the story are stepping up to take the cause as your own… either for good, the goods, or the goons doing this.

Mechanic specifics:
*500 gp quest award to each PC
*Plus anything else awarded for encounter resolution
*A ship to travel in, crew is minimal, so they won't have any effect in combat as they're too busy manning the ship, or later on, cutting wood/gathering stone

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