Boom Boom Boom

PCs: Mercy, Tyll, Sindri, Karma, Conrad

Mercy and crew were hanging out the Water Dragon Inn when a gnome was even more in a hurry than the superspeeding super-mom collided with her and asked for her help. After a brief chat, it turned out that Mr. Magoo, and his brother, Hammerenough, got kicked out of the gnome lands for not gno-ing the rules of not blowing up the foreman's eyebrows. Still, the plight of the plebians was not lost on the protective and nuturing ex-nuptial as she gladly agreed to help them.

Soon the party linked up with Uldric after Fredrick called out about him being an airship designer. After getting a quest for the permit and a small crystal from Uldric, the party traversed the desert over the course of a week to end up at a tome. There, they fought a powerful sphinx, found the book Uldric was looking for and awoke to… AN ARMY OF UNDEAD + CLICHED VILLAIN.

The party didn't win though, despite their efforts, a fireball, a hail of arrows that blackened the sky like the scene from 300… but unlike the Spartans, they couldn't take cover.

Luckily, the crystal provided protection, reviving the party as Mercy leaped over the skeletons, and slammed her fist into the villain… Maydark was his name, and May-be we'll see him again… Still as the paladins came to the rescue sent by Alexander, the party passed out and awoke in Port Drambath later.

They all realized they had gotten duped and tricked, but to soothe their agitation, they did receive a lot of gold, except for Mercy who got a warehouse, a posse of gnomes, and the start of an airship.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! Can be heard a lot now from the warehouse as the gnomes, Tyll and Mercy work.

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