Name: Archadeus
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Pelor and Moradin

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Backstory: Archadeus never really fit in well with the dwarves. He didn't get along well with the wizards, and the dwarven lifestyle was too structured for him. He learned how to heal through the arcane, use an axe, and wear armor. But he never really fit in. So when he got old enough, he left home, and struck out on his adventuring career.

Religion: While no religious fanatic, Archadeus does hold Pelor in the highest regard. Pelor stands for most things Archadeus does. Archadeus also tips his hat to Moradin, who he also sees as a just (if not overly strict) god.

Description: 4'0", 145lbs, with red hair and a red beard that is relatively short(only comes to the middle of his chest). He is donned in a breastplate, with a huge warmace on one hip and a finely crafted dwarven waraxe on the other. Archadeus is as tough as any would expect a dwarf to be. He uses an axe like most dwarves, but aside from that, the similarities cease. His arcane magic flows from his blood, and is a worshipper of Pelor, but holds Moradin in reverance still.

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