The Rose

Changeling Rogue - Alyssa Highever


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Appearance: Alyssa takes many forms and can vary from adventure to adventure but she enjoys the persona of a young woman with black hair. She stands at 5'10" and her weight can vary, usually about 110lbs. She tends to dress in a dark, blood red outfit that fits to her form. As she is a changeling, her dress and gear changes to suit her needs. She has a dirty and well worn backpack that she carries her life in.

Personality Alyssa things about herself first and others last. If she has to cut her party members loose to save herself.. she will do so with out a thought. Living as she has since childhood, she trusts no one. She enjoys killing as much as she does stealing or being a sassy young woman.

Background She spent her childhood as a thief. She stole to eat and she stole to survive. She was abandoned by her human mother after birth. Apparently, her father was a rather dashing changeling who enjoyed many families. She never cared for either as she came of age.. she was abandoned after all. Coming to Raven Marches has proved to be a wise decision. She enjoys acts of daring and loves to show off her ability.. but only if it serves her needs.

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