Albrion's Jewel

The party were sent for by flambouyant thief Florian Abeez leader of the long Knives. They met with him at his brothel/opium den The Silver Siren, and were variously impressed and disgusted by the place. Abeez offered them each a substantial sum of platinum to go to lord Albrion's ball and steal a priceless ruby called the Phoenix heart.

The party chose costumes and went to the ball in fine style with some of Abeez's girls in tow…. Once there they mingled in their fine costume with Jacob seeking a suitable dupe and locating a fellow dressed as a fox. The fox turned out to be pining for a vixen who had little interest in him and Jacob - with the aide of some deft poison usage - managed to lure the poor sap out to the stables, with promises of a perfume that would impress the object of his affections. Once in the stables he and Alyssa subdued the poor fellow and Jacob stole his costume. Meanwhile Fredrick and Vander mingled at the ball encountering the prickly - and heightist - Lord Albrion and his lovely much younger wife Sara.

Velmus snuck away from the ball and along with Abeez's girls made his way to a locked doorway. After waiting a guard and mage emerged and Velmus - wearing a fake guards uniform - was told to go relieve harl another guard, enabling him to get through the door. He met Harl and managed to convince the poor fool he was a new guard. The gossipy Harl revealed that the estates gossip had it that Abeez had bet Lord Albrion 50,000gp he could steal his most precious jewel, and that while lord Albrion was thinking of the Phoenix Heart Abeez was thinking of Sara Albrion - and had already done the stealing… Jack then crept in through the unlocked door and was able to pass up the stairway guarded by Harl and his new buddy Velmus. But when Jack failed to say the password to deactivate the black and white tiled floor trapped with electricity Harl twigged and attacked! After a chancy fight where Velmus did not aide instead feigning aide to Harl Jack managed to down Harl, badly injured by the electrocuted floor and the guards blade Jack decided enough was enough and absconded. Velmus thought better of the plan to and got while the getting was good.

In the stables - where they lured the fox costumed man - Jacob and Alyssa attempted to gain access to lord Albrion's rooms by entering the attic through the hayloft, but found the way guarded by two fearsome metal hounds! They swiftly retreated and decided to try the window to Lord Albrion's room istead with the aide of Alyssa's prized Rod of Ropes.

Meanwhile in the ballroom… Florian Abeez appeared - despite having assured the heroes that he was banned from the ball - making spectacular use of an illusion to enter in style. Abeez then proceeded to inform the crowd that he had a bet with Lord Albrion that his team of thieves would steal the gem! A huge mirror was wheeled in and Abeez proceeded to scry upon the adventurers exploits! Grimming Abeez flicked between adventurers shown in the mirror and the crowd watched in rapt attention…

Using the Rod of Ropes Jacob and Alyssa managed to get up to lord Albrion's window, they climbed in and were both inflicted with a curse! Both became significantly clumsier! Eventually after dodging a series of clever traps they looted lord Albrion's closets - to his chargrin - found a stash of pornographic woodcuts - which Abeez promptly zoomed in on to the crowds delight and Albrion's humiliation.

To be cont.

1000gp per character level each to those who completed the adventure. (500gp per level for those who did not)
A costume each worth 50gp
A Shiftweave Outfit (500gp)
Fine Clothing (2000gp)
A Locket containing three baby teeth. (50gp, possibly of sentimental value to lord Albrion)
A Chest which turned out to hold the pieces of a mechanical hound. (Only worth 75gp)
It also holds three smaller replicas of metal hounds whihc turn out to be animated when removed from the chest! They appear to be hugely elaborate toys… (500gp each)
Naughty Woodcuts x 10 (50gp each)

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