Adventures on Teki-Nira-Ria

February 21st, 2010:

Alyssa sails to Port Drambath in search of skilled individuals and supplies for her new home. She spends three days in port as she locates a handful of talented experts and convinces them to move to the Island to teach and supply goods for her people. They set sail and have calm waters on the way home.

Little did anyone know, Uugh the barbarian had gotten lost during the night and found himself drunk and passed out in a barrel on the ship. After explaining the details of the newcomers to the Kara-Kara, Alyssa set about arranging a group hunt of a Dire Boar.

After a few hours, the war party found a Dire Boar that ran from them.. Alyssa, in her Orc persona of Diana Ria, explained it was best to let it go.. "no Kara-Kara would die this day!" she said proudly. The hunt continued and another Dire Boar was found drinking from a pond. It saw the party and a fight followed! After a few moments, the Kara-Kara had slain the boar. Alyssa rode back to the village with the others in tow, the large animal slung over the giant lizard mount she rode on. The Kara-Kara cheered in response! "Long live the Kara-Kara!" shouted Alyssa. "Gather wood.. gather wood! Tonight, we feast!" she grunted as she pounded on her chest.

The night was full of dancing, good food, chanting and drums. Drums that woke Uugh from is slumber. He eventually found his way towards the party.. after the Kara-kara and Alyssa found him.. he was carried back to the party.. made to think he would be roasted alive! Alyssa smiled at him, having known Uugh from a previous adventure, she decided to let him live.. although she was annoyed he crashed her party.. Uugh fed well, as did all the people of the island. The party continued all night long.

Alyssa decreed that the following day was for resting, enjoying life and mating! She named it Maki Maki day! Making it an official holiday. As her people did so with enthusiasm, Alyssa prepared for the following day where she would match her best and brightest with the expert they had the most interest in. The rest of that day was spent surveying areas around the village with Alonzo the Farmer, hoping to find a suitable area to clear cut to make room for fields.

Over the next week of real time, Alyssa plans to have new fortifications of wood built around the village (Palasade walls and a few watch towers). Better homes and structures planned and in progress for the village and new jobs for everyone. Grumbly, the dwarven smith is busy at work making tools for the village, starting with axes and shovels to clear the jungle for Alonzo. During this time, Alyssa returns Uugh back to the port and picks up any other minor supplies needed for the village. Most of the above is expected to be completed around February 28th 2010.

Long live the Kara Kara!

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