Adventures On Glitter Island 1

Dates: 28th of February 2010
DM: Bill Bisco
Players: Mercedes Quicksilver, Xoxion, Malric

Mercedes recruits gnomes in Port Drambath to live on Glitter Island and start a new more prosperous life.

Mercedes Quicksilver develops a recruitment drive using the gnomes already loyal to her and Malric. Out of the 1000 Gnomes living in Port Drambath, 230 were given sufficient incentives and promises of safety and freedom that they followed Mercedes Quicksilver towards their new home which they named Glitter Island. Upon Arrival and investigating the forest area, they met some Jermlaine who for peace demanded 1 shiney every week. They also met some pixies who played some practical jokes on Mercy and later on the gnomes on the gnomish ship, but who were overall harmless.

After receiving some warnings about Nymphs and Sirens, a Night Hag was found creeping about the Gnome site at night. Luckily Mercy was taking watch at the time and prevented the Night Hag from touching one of the Gnomes. The Night Hag after suffering a huge blow of dexterity and upon Malric summoning a Wraith upon her, the Night Hag ran and disappeared, apparently into thin air. Although the gnomes were very worried about such a creature being with them on the island, they nonetheless felt that Mercedes Quicklsilver was a capable guardian and leader, who will no doubt lead the gnomish people to victory!

100 xp Xoxion
1725 xp Malric
2025 xp Mercedes Quicksilver

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